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Why Groovy Paws?

Groovy comes from my Love for Music. Music has always been such a big part of my life, since the age of 9 (church choir). Groovy also defines "Staying In the Groove of Life." Inspired by the well known guru "Yogananda". Paws for the love of Pets. Combining the two was the perfect fit.   

How many dogs do you walk at one time?

We offer private individual walks, group walks and group hikes between 2 – 5 dogs.  

Do you ever leave dogs unattended?

No, our dogs are never left unattended for any reason.

Will we have a same dog walker every day?

Yes. We assign territories geographically so you and your pup will have the same dog walker every day.   

If my dog walker needs a day off, will our walks still be covered?

Yes, absolutely. We have backup plans in the event your dog walker ever needs infrequent day off, as long as we are provided a second set of keys or access to a lock key with a code.   

What happens if I have to cancel a walk?

Things happen and we completely understand that. Schedules change which means your pups needs change as well. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and allow cancellations for walks within 24 hours of a scheduled walk. Cancellations made after 24-hour period are charged $10.


Do you have references?

Yes. We happily provide client specific references for your dog walker.   

Do you have options for payment?

Yes. Groovy Paws accepts cash, all major credit cards and payments thru Venmo or personal check.   

Are you Insured, Bonded & Licensed?

Absolutely! Each of our walkers is fully insured and bonded by Pet Care Insurance. Please visit the site for more info. . We also hold a business license in the city of Los Angeles, CA.